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For the Student
Always available - Cloud-based Learning
Device Independent - PC/MAC/Smart-Phone/Android/IOS
Easy to Use - Sequential (Obvious pathways through courses)
Ownership of Learning / Pathway to Learner Autonomy
Own record keeping & Self-Reporting (not just for the Teacher!)
Instant Feedback - self correcting tests
No need for Textbook - is more dynamic, exciting and captivating
All Modules/Lessons are Printable where necessary (if lack of internet access)
Complementary to Students’ affinity for Social Media etc....
For the Teacher
Gather all of your digital media together in one Dynamic and Flexible Smart-Environment
Basic computer skills mean you can create your first Multi-media Smart-Lesson immediately
Can include various teaching/learning styles versus Textbooks’ fixed approach
Create basic/advanced self correcting tests - with instant feedback
Lesson Plans automatically in place year after year...
Teachers can concentrate on TEACHING !!
Dedicated Marketplace for Teachers to become Publishers in their own right.
Design your own Course/Lesson/Module
License/Sell/Share it through
Fully Supported via Help Desk (Email/Call-back) and Knowledge Base/Forums
Comprehensive Reporting System
For the School will replace the Textbook - Ultimately Zero Cost to School
An annual subscription for each student of €2 per subject (a fraction of textbook costs) covers ALL running costs and complete support
Can be phased in to suit the school’s needs - Ask about Early Adopter’s Program
Takes the school further along the NCTE’s ICT Roadmap !!
Complete readiness for 1 Student - 1 Device
i.e When (not if?) this happens, the school will be already One-Step-Ahead !!!